Was Douglas Fairbanks' role in "A Modern Musketeer" inspiration for the character of Prince Chivalry in "Princess April Morning-Glory"?

The Fighting Fairbanks

Who was Letitia Fairbanks’ inspiration for the character of Prince Chivalry? A look at her uncle & cousin’s films provides some clues. A cinematic pastiche of Douglas Fairbanks and Douglas Fairbanks Jr in their swashbuckling roles prior to 1940 & Letitia Fairbanks’ creation of “Princess April Morning-Glory” – Enjoy!

From "A Modern Musketeer": Douglas Fairbanks does handstands on the edge of the Grand Canyon while Marjorie Daw looks on agahst

Swashathon! A Modern Musketeer (1917)

This post is part of the Swashathon! A Blogathon of Swashbuckling Adventure, hosted by Fritzi at Movies, Silently. Read the other adventure-filled posts in this event HERE. In their 1953 bio, Douglas Fairbanks: The Fourth Musketeer, Ralph Hancock and Letitia Fairbanks state that her uncle’s fascination with all things swashbuckling went way back: Alexandre Dumas’ […]