Scientific Detective Coke Ennyday does what he does best

The Mystery of the Leaping Fish (1916)

The Mystery of the Leaping Fish is one of those rare, quirky films that upon discovery of its existence, and when it was made (1916), and that Douglas Fairbanks of all people stars as Detective Coke Ennyday, an American coke and opium-addled spoof of Sherlock Holmes, most new initiates’ reactions range from “Really??!” to “Wow!!” […]

"Reggie Mixes In" (1916) offered Douglas Fairbanks the chance to display his physical comedy skills in the pursuit of dancing, pugilism, and class equality!

Reggie Mixes In (1916)

Douglas Fairbanks came from a family of modest means.  This is often forgotten by his (modern) fans and admirers, who remember the opulent style of living he and wife Mary Pickford created at Pickfair, when Douglas was the First King of Hollywood. So when Douglas started into film – then a daring and new medium […]