Sunny Wiggins (played by Douglas Fairbanks) meets Elsie Pepper (Dorothy West) as he announces he's here to "shake up the old Pepper box!" (Elsie's father)

The Habit of Happiness (1916)

The Habit of Happiness is the first of Douglas Fairbanks’ movies that puts the trait he considered most important in life – Happiness – right in the title, thereby showing Fairbanks’ knowledge and affection for the philosophy of life we now call Law of Attraction (LOA, for short.) And like many Conscious Creators, Fairbanks knew […]

"In "His Picture in the Papers," he had to run an automobile over a cliff, engage in a six-round bout with a professional boxer, jump off an ocean liner and swim to the distant shore, mix in a brawl with half a dozen gunmen, and leap twice from swiftly moving trains." ~ Ralph Hancock & Letitia Fairbanks from their 1953 bio "Douglas Fairbanks: The Fourth Musketeer"

His Picture In The Papers (1916)

When 1916 opened, it was a new day dawning for Douglas Fairbanks: … Fortunately for [Douglas] the directors who now handled his pictures had the vision to incorporate his antics into his pictures. The staff had been busy while he was away and now had ready the script for Double Trouble-prophetically the last he was […]